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I certainly hope Hunter doesn't do that. Learning to play a musical instrument requires thousands of hours of practice. Pamela has been living in Boston since 2013. What did I forget to say? I didn't want Brandy to leave.

My tea is a little too sweet. Duncan pays about 25% of his income in taxes. Now I am in South America to teach Esperanto. It's hard for an old man to change his way of living.

This detergent works like magic. They'll respond. This car is made in Japan. If there's a good way to sound out whether a woman has a boyfriend or not please tell me. The rumor spread quickly. I know I can trust you to take good care of Agatha. How is Earnie anyhow? I'm not going to let Siegurd borrow my car.

Graeme is our client. Everyone liked her. I think Sally is unlikeable. Is that why you were late? An iron bridge was built across the river. Tibetan rug weavers use traditional designs and knotting. Hence their rugs have a simple, natural look. Those who belong to larger, more powerful language communities rarely alter their linguistic practices to adapt to less powerful groups. Bucky isn't going to die. There's absolutely no reason not to do that. I attended the party just to be sociable.

They did not see anything. Each of them bought a new dress. I am of the opinion that he is right.

How many classes do you have on Mondays? He wrote her a friendly response. I can tell you've gone to a lot of trouble.

I'll be at home all day tomorrow. I went up the river. How do you think Briggs survived? The fact that you're unable to feel compassion indicates clearly that you're a psychopath. Nowadays many people travel by car. Please speak as clearly as possible. Knute told Konstantinos his secret. You could relax.

"Is it possible to catch AIDS from toilet seats?" "No, it isn't." I got your message.

I hate everything about them. Leith is tuning his guitar. I can assure you of your success. That was Stephanie. I can't stop thinking about it. We've done it twice in three months. She plays her cards well.

What'll we call it? How did you know I was Canadian? We're all going back to Boston together.

I need everybody cleared out of here, at once.

The autopsy results suggested that she died due to a heart problem. They're not afraid of political correctness. I want to buy you a drink. I am pretty sure. An unjust peace is better than a just war. We saw this coming.

I could have been injured. You're wrong about them.

You've got a lot of problems, don't you?

Would that be acceptable? Malaclypse has a combover to his bald patch. I saw a photo of a 10-foot python eating a crocodile. Do you have any gum? Hsi doesn't work here anymore. I could've done that without your help. It is utterly impossible to finish the work within a month. I want to win for once.